The Diva

A mum of two (both under 10), currently living in a refuge, wageless … yes, I’M ON BENEFIT, there… I said it out loud… a first timer but have no intention of making it a life style, have no excuse for now but saying only until I get back on my feet . Yet, don’t be surprise if in the future I will make my self a MILLIONAIRE, because I believe that things could only get better from here and MIRACLES DO HAPPENED (not diminishing the hard work part though) !

Apart from my millionaire dream ;), my immediate goal is just to live independently… so many steps have been taken away from my life, I have to gain back  what I had  lost first before I could think of moving forward.

Being just a couple of months out of  an abusive relationship I still consider my self a survivor wannabe, because being out doesn’t necessarily mean being a survivor. Temptations and obstacles are harder and harder to deal with as days go by.

This blog is part of my journey to survive before I could start living.

I don’t want to lie but it’s bloody hard down here, but still I want to reach the top and this blog is my outup-reach tool.

 So here are my rambles and rants, Enjoy! 🙂


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